Downie Pipes

Each pipe that I make is unique and represents the absolute pinnacle of my skill as a pipe maker. Iím constantly experimenting with new techniques in shaping, finishing, curing and engineering to produce the best possible smoking pipes I can. The Briar I use is hand-picked plateau briar from various sources. The blocks are chosen specifically for both blasted and smooth finishes based on the grain exhibited. The briar is boiled, aged and air cured for years in my drying racks before it ever makes it to my workbench. I shape each pipe to highlight the strengths in the briar then drill them with bits shaped and sharpened by myself. Only the highest-grade German Ebonite, Cumberland and cast Lucite rod is used to make each hand-shaped stem. I make it a personal quest to make my pipes the best in style, comfort and engineering. Pipe smoking is an art, a hobby and experience that everyone can enjoy. A Downie Pipe brings art and fire together.