These are some of the better personal websites, online vendors and organizations that Iíve found over the years. Being able to visit these sites brings about a sense of community that is rare with pipe smokers being so few and far between these days.

Pipe Clubs

The Vancouver Pipe Club is where I relax on the second Tues of every month. If you live nearby or happen to be passing through stop in. Pipe smokers are always welcome. Check the website for the monthly venue.

Personal Pages:

The Pipe Smoker's Intelligencer is a site run by Fred Brown with blogs mainly focusing on the continuing struggle of pipe smokers in today's anti-tobacco atmosphere.

Join Olie Sylvester, Baron of The International Oom Paul Society of Non-Typicals at Oom Paul dot com for podcasts with some of the luminaries of the pipe world. While there I advise you to not pet the Monstrosities, they are apt to bite.

Neill Archer Roan's personal page and blog. Very well written and thoughtful commentaries on pipes and pipe collecting. Alas, Neil has stopped blogging, but the archives are up for those who wish to read. I'm keeping this link here in hopes that Neil will one day come out of retirement.

Online Boards

The Smoker's Forum Boards have been around for quite a number of years and is one of the largest and friendliest moderated boards around.

Alt Smoker's Pipes is also one of the better visited and venerable unmoderated boards on the internet. Expect lively debate, colourful characters and the occasional troll.


The Pipe Maker's Forum is probably the best place on the internet to get any and all of your pipe-making related questions answered.

Online Vendors:


4 Noggins is one of the best places to buy tobacco on the internet in my humble opinion. The owner, Richard offers great customer service and great prices.


Visit Rokstar Pipes for some beautiful pipes, including the occasional one or two by Your's Truly. Even better, Jay, the owner is a stand-up gent who is wonderful to deal with.