Blasted Pipes

Sandblasting brings out amazing grain structure and texture in a pipe. It is a myth that sandblasted pipes are made of lesser quality briar than smooth finished pipes. Many of the pipes that I blast would make very nice smooth pipes, but I choose the pipes I sandblast based on the horizontal grain and hardness of the briar. A pipe that is well blasted is, in my opinion as beautiful as any smooth finished pipe and brings a great tactile experience to the smoking experience. Click on the images to get a full description and photos of the pipe.

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Jack the Smith

Jack the Smith (Sold )

Jack the Smith

Rakia (Sold )

Ariel (Sold)
The Gharial
The Gharial (Sold)

The Asperous (Sold)

The Horn of The Eldar (Sold)

Cathedral Cherrywood (Sold)

The Magpie (Sold)

Azuro (Sold)

The Mastiff (Sold)

Curwen (Sold)

Sunsetter (Sold)

Calabash (Sold)

The Hudson (Sold)