Past Work:

Instead of consigning these pipes to the electronic abyss I've decided to keep them around for people to browse. Like the Commissioned pipes, these pipes are already spoken for and sold.

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The Wraith

Dragon Fang 5

Ed's Bulldog

Spiral Shank Canadain

Larry's Pipe

Winterking 3

Chicago #1 Hephestes

Chicago #2 Mamont

The Lavaflow

Chicago #3 Zoot

Chicago #4 The Shadowman

Chicago #5

Chicago #6 The Scarecrow

Chicago #7 The Curmudgeon 2

Chicago #8 Moonshadow

The Blowfry

Firedrop 6

Mini Dress Billiard

The Winterking 4

The Hob 2

The Raven

The Ringed Apple

The Thornwarden


The Hob 3


Downie 55

The Beluga

Victorian Bulldog

The Kelty Bulldog 3

The Firethorn

Downie Bulldog

The Craggy Author

The Elegant Rainfool

The Carnoustie Special Blowfish

Fearful Symmetry 2

The Dragon Egg

The Hydria

The Griffon 2

The Miniaptera

The Squashed Acorn

Vulcan's Pickaxe

Kelty bulldog 4

The Sinister Cherrywood

The Tsunami

The Downie Bulldog 6

Salazar's Pipe

The Blackfin 2

Zadok's Pipe

The Fiddlehead Blowfish

The Naulilus


The Beluga Fin

Amber Blowfish